Arriva Serving UK Fleet-List 2014

a completa list of the Arriva UK Fleet profile

Dennis Dart 8.5SDL - 9.8SDL

Dennis Darts 8.5SDL - 9.8SDL.



The Standard Dennis Dart 8.5sdl to 9.8sdl  was seen as the replacement of many of the older buses with in the group the oldest now been 1133 with Cymru  entering service in June 1999, this model can be found is service all over the group but for London also more have been gained in the North East with the take over of Stagecoach Darlington, The last of this model to enter service been in December 1996 with Leaside Travel ,

The most popular body been the Plaxton Pointer also popular was the East Lance EL2000 and the Northern Counties  Paladin, There can still be found a small number of Wright Handybus along with the Duple/Carlyle Dartline also just entering the fleet is the Alexander Dash these came with the transfer of Stagecoach Darlington to the group

total ALLOCATION 437

Southern Counties total 30

Hawkshead (SCHK) 1 Horsham (SCHO) 1 Norfleet (SCNF) 2 Southend (SCSE) 16  Tonbridge (SCTW) 10

The Shires & Essex total 44

Aylesbury (TSAY) 2 Watford (TSGR) 7 Harlow (TSHA) 13 Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 3

Milton Keynes  (TSMK) 14 Stevenage (TSSV) 1 High Wycombe (THWB) Ware (TSWE) 1

plus 4 unallocated or for disposal

Midlands total 103

Burton (MDBN) 13 Cannock (MDCA) 33 Coalville (MDCV) 4 Derby (MDDY) 7 Oswestry (MDOS)  2 Stafford (MDSF)  5 Shrewsbury  11 Swadlingcote (MDSW) 11 Thurmaston (MDTH) 10  Telford  (MDTL) 3 plus 1 unallocated

North West & Wales  total 173

Aberystwyth (NWAY) 3 Bangor (NWBG) 10 Birkenhead (NWBH) 18 Bolton (NWBN)  21  Bootle (NWBT)  8 Chester (NWCH)  10 Green Lane l/pool (NWGL)  8 Llandudno Jct (NWLJ) 7   Manchester (NWMA) 17 Rhyl (NWRL)  14 Skelmersdale  (NWSK) 12 Winsford (NWWD) 6 Wrexham (NWWX) 14 Wythenshawe (NWWY) 25

Yorkshire total 13

Wakefield  (YKBI)  11 Heckmondwike (YKHW) 1   plus 1 withdrawn

North East total 32

Bishops Auckland (NEBA) 4  Darlington Faverdale (NEDF) 28

Scotland West   total 43

Inchinnan (SWIN) 43



Dennis Dart slf (low-floor)

With over 900 the Dennis Dart slf was to be come to main low-floor saloon in the group, the first entering service in the former MTL North fleet in April 1996 these were to have what as turned out to be the popular Plaxton Pointer body in the fleet, other makes been the Alexander ALX200 also the East Lancs Spryle  was the enter the fleet with the former London & Country and Midland Red North fleet, One make that was late to enter the fleet been Marshall  with the Capital  C39  these were in enter the fleet with the take over of MTL North , Also to take over of MK METRO seen the entry of the Catetano Compass,

Three of the companies in the group only a small allocation of less than 50 these been Yorkshire the North East Group along with Scotland West, Were as Southern Counties plus  North West & Wales have over 200 each

Over the years the name as changed a number of times ,When first introduced  it was Dennis later changing to Trans Bus  later it was again to change to Alexander Dennis,

The last  low floor Dart to enter the fleet been PDL136 in September 2006, This been replaced by the ADL 200  also known the Dart 2 the first to enter the fleet been ENL1 entering service in April 2007

This model as been added to the bottom of this

total ALLOCATION 936

Southern Counties total 210

Cranleigh  (SCCL) 13 Dartford (SCDT)  29 Guildford (SCGF) 23 Gillingham (SCGL) 37 Grays (SCGY) 17 Hawhurst (SCHK) 4  Horsham (SCHM) 10 Maidstone (SCMD) 26 Norfleet (SCNF) 16 Southend (SCSE)  22 Sittingbourne (SCSI)  4  Sheerness (SCSN) 1  Tonbridge (SCTW) 5  Tunbridge (SCNE) 2 Plus  2 unallocated                                                                       

London total 148

Barking (LTDX)  31 Brixton (LTBN) 1 Croydon B/Farm (LTCN) 1 Croydon (LTTC) 22 Edmonton (LTEC) 39  Enfield (LTEF) 3 Thorton Heath (LTTH) 33  Plus 7 unallocated

The Shires & Essex total 78

Aylesbury (TSAY)  3  Harlow (TSHA)  3 Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 11 Hitchin (TSHI) 1 High Wycombe (TSWB) 11  Luton (TSNG) 1 Milton Keynes 19 Stevenage (TSSV) 12   Watford (TSGR)  16

Midlands total 106

Burton (MDBN) 6 Cannock (MDCA)  12  Coalville (MDCV)ä Derby (MDDY) 15  Hinckey (MDHK) 1  Oswestry (MDOS) 11 Shrewsbury (MDSH)  20  Stafford (MDSF) 21  Swadlincote (MDSW) 2  Southgate (MDSS) 3 Thurmaston (MDTH) 4  Telford (MDTL) 8

North West & Wales  total 269

Aberystwyth (NWAY) 3  Bangor (NWBG) 10  Birkenhead (NWBH) 12  Bolton (NWBN) 6 Bootle (NWBT) 41  Chester (NWCH) 18 Green Lane L/P (NWGL) 35  Llandudno Jct (NWLJ) 15  Manchester (NWMA) 16 Rhyl (NWRL) 11  Runcorn (NWRU) 2  St Helens (NWSH) 12  Skelmersdale (NWSK) 31  Southport (NWSO) 11 Speke L/P (NWSP) 6  Winsford (NWWD) 7  Wrexham (NWWX) 18  Wythenshaw (NWWY) 18

Yorkshire total 33

Dersbury (YKDW) 25  Selby (YKSB) 8

North East total 27

Bishop Auckland (NEBA) 11  Darlington (NEDN) 2 Peterlee (NEPE)  12  Redcar (NERR) 2

Scotland West  total 68

Inchinnan (SWIH) 3 Johnstone (SWJT)  65

ADL  E200

The ADL E200  is the replacment for the low floor Dart and to date can only be found in the Southern Counities and London Fleets

Southern Counties total 21

Dartford (SCDT) 15  Horsham (SCHM) 6

London total 9

Croydon (LTTC) 9

Dennis Dart mpd slf


Dennis Dart MPD slf (low-floor)


©Arriva Cymru 817 seen at Bangor R Barber

First  to enter service in June 1999 at Derby the MPD was to be seen as the replacement of the mini buses in the fleet, again the body been the Plaxton - Transbus - ADL, with over 350 operating in the fleet the MPD can be found all the groups but for Scotland West

This model as proved popular with both staff and the public, this bus is well suited for both town and rural routes and they can also be found in London, In fact they seems at home in both the lanes of rural Wales and the streets of London,

 Again as with it's big brother most have the Plaxton Pointer 2 body as small batch of 6 with Alexander ALX200 bodies can be found at Darlington these coming second hand from First Stop Renfrew,

Of interest the are a number of MPD's in the fleet that do not belong to the group these been owned by local or county councils 2 been based at Telford with Midlands plus 2 at Wyhenshawe with North West The last MPD to enter service in the fleet  was to be Northumbria 1801 at Ashington in October 2006,

The MPD was to be replaced by the Alexander Dennis E200 Dart details wich are below.

total ALLOCATION 396

Southern Counties total 36

Dartford (SCDT) 9  Gillingham (SCGM) 12  Norfleet (SCNF) 6 Sheerness (SCSH) 4  Tonbridge (SCTW) 5

London  total 63

Barking (LTDX) 9  Edmonton (LTEC) 26  Enfield (LTEF) 7  Lea Vally (LTLV) 㺍  Tottenham  (LTAR) 8

The Shires & Essex  total 56

Aylesbury (TSAY) 11 Harlow (TSHA) 2  Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 11  Hitchin (TSHI) 3  High Wycombe (TSWB) 5  Luton (TSLD) 15 Stevenage (TSSV)  Ware (TSWE)  Watford (TSGN) 1

Midlands total 63

Burton (MDBN) 7 Cannock (MDCA) 10 Coalville (MDCV) 1  Derby (MDDY) 5  Hinckley (MDHK) 1  Oswestry (MDOS) 3  Stafford (MDSF) 5 Southgate (MDSS) 4 Thurmaston (MDTH) 19 Telford (MDTL)  2 Wigston (MDWS) 6

North West & Wales total  61

Aberystwyth (NWAY) 8  Bangor (NWBG) 3  Bootle (NWBT)Š  Llandudno Jct (NWLJ)ř  Manchester (NWMA) 5  Rhyl (NWRL) 5 Winsford (NWWD) 21  Wrexham (NWWX) 6  Wythenshawe (NWWY)

Yorkshire total 31

Castleford (YKCF) 12 Wakefield (YKBI) 15  Selby (YKSB) 4

North East total  87

Ashington (NEAS) 2 Bishop Auckland (NEBA) 7 Blyth (NEBY) 13 Durham (NEDM) 11 Darlington (NEDN) 19 Hexham (NEHX) 6 Jesmond (NEJS) 8 Loftus (NELS) 5  Peterlee (NEPE) 4  Redcar (NERR) 9 Stockton (NESN) 3

ADL E200 Mini Dart



The Alexander E200 mini dart  is the replacement for the MPD to date it can only be found in the Southern Counties and London fleets, Also include is the first 1 built which still belongs to Alexander Dennis and at the moment is on loan to North West & Wales at Chester depot


Sourthern Counties total 12

 London total 14


Volvo B10

 Volvo B10M-60 B10M-61

We start with the Volvo B10M saloon which is now in decline with just 1 B10M-60 and 23 B10M-61 left in the group a number of these been new in May 1984 to Cowie's in London as coaches all were to have saloon bodies fitted by East Lancs in March 1993, this was to follow by more to Cowie's in May 1985 also as coaches then refitted with East Lancs bodies  April 1994,

The larges batch in the fleet been 15 B10M 60 with Alexaander Q bodies which were new to Sheerings (Timeline Leigh ) who were to sell the operations in the Manchester area to North Western these were then to move to Aberystwyth been converted to B70F 3x2 seating, Sheerings also had a depot at Shifnal near Telford this was to transfar to Midland Red North todate only 1 of these been withdrawn with fire damage,

More were to enter the Cowie London fleet September 1990 these were to move in 1999 to the Midland North and Scotland West fleet of these only 3 remain with Midland North, just 1 more was to enter the fleet with the takeover of MK Metro,


The Shires & Essex total 6

Milton Keynes (TSMK) 1 High Wycombe (TSWB) 1 the remaining 4 been driver trainers

Midlands total 12

Burton (MDBN) 1 Cannock (MDCA) 3  Stafford (MDSF)Š Shrewsbury (MDSH)  4

North West & Wales total 6

Aberystwyth (NWAY) 6


 Volvo B10B -58

The B10B-58 was the replacement for the B10M  the first to enter the group was March 1993 with Selby & District this was to be just a small batch of 5 with Alexander Strider bodies these were to be followed in in October 1993 with another batch of 4 this tine West Riding these were to have Wright  Endeavour bodies,

The first large order for the B10B-58 was to be in October 1994 with 23 entering the group again as with the rest these were to be found in Yorkshire been split between Yorkshire Riding & Yorkshire Woollen this were also to have Alexander Strider bodies these were to be the only new B10B-58 to enter the group, The Shires were to see there first one enter there fleet  in May 1995 this been new to Buffalo of Flitwick,

April 2000 was to see Arriva takeover MTL North which was to see over 120 enter the fleet most having Wright Endurance bodies also included in the take over was 12 former Liverbus B10B with Northern Counties bodies,

The Shires were to receive 5 more in December 2000 with the purchase of Wycombe Bus from the Go Ahead Group these having Plaxton Verda bodies, January 2005 was to see the last 8 B10B-58 to enter to group was with the purchase of Sovereign Stevenage,

To date several have been withdrawn with fire and accident damage, also 8 former North West ones were to transfer to the Midlands fleet in 2007 of these 3 have been converted to driver trainers these been new to Liver-bus North West have also converted the rest of this batch along with the 3 Alexander Strider's into driver trainers


The Shires &  Essex total  14

High Wycombe (THWB) 5  Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 3  Stevenage (TSSV) 5 plus 1 withdrawn

Midlands total 8 (3 Diver Trainers)

Cannock (MDCA) 4 Derby (MDDY) 1 Tamworth (MDTA) 2  Wigton (MDWS) 1  

North West & Wales total 125

Birkenhead (NWBH) 19  Bolton (NWBN) 10  Bootle (NWBT) 7  Green Lane L/P (NWGL) 33  Speke (NWSP)    St Helens (NWSH)25  Skelmersdaale (NWSK) 7  Southport (NWSO) 29

Yorkshire total 32

Castleford (YKCF) 31 plus 1 withdrawn 


Volvo B6BL

The B6BL was again to seen as Volvo competitor to the Dennis Dart slf been introduction in 1996 it was to be in production for just 3 years before been replaced by the B6BLE in 1999

As can be seen there are on 7 in the group and these only came with the purchase of Sovereign of Stevenage in 2005 by The Shires & Essex these been new March 1997 they all with the Wright Crusader  body.


The Shires & Essex total 7

Stevenage (TSSV) 7

  Volvo B6BLE

The B6BLE was the successor to the B6LE with the first ones built in April 1999 like the B6LE it was built at Irvine, Production was to switch to Europe in July 2000 the first to enter the Arriva Fleet was to be in September 1999 with the Shires & Essex fleet these and the Midlands Bach were all to be built at Irvin while the North West bacth were built in Europe,

Again as can be seen the B6BLE was unable to get a foot hold into the Arriva fleet with them only to been found with The Shires & Essex plus Midlands along with North West & Wales all of them were also the carry the popular Wright Crusader body,


The Shires & Essex  total 11

Harlow (TSHA) 8  Watford (TSGN) 3

Midlands total 31

Tamworth (MDTA) 20  Telford (MDTL) 11

North West & Wales total 20

Southport (NWSO) 12  St Helens (NWSH) 8

Volvo B10BLE

Volvo B10BLE

 The B10BLE was the low version on the popular B10B. The first 15 entering the fleet with Northumbris in September - October 1999,February 2000 was to see Fox County it's first 12 B10BLE, Northumbria was to see another 8 also in February these  were on V reg Plates but were not to go into service until the March so were given W reg plates, June 2000 was to see the 7 B10BLE enter to Yorkshire fleet these  been the last in 2000.

2001 was to 30 to enter the North West fleet with the first  ones 10 in January these all been  allocated to Speke Depot the rest coming in the April and May these were to be the last new B10BLE's to enter the fleet, Scotland West was to lose it small allocation in the summer of 2003 to Northumbria,

January 2005 with the purchased of Sovereign  of Stevenage  with this came 15 which were to enter the Shires fleet these mostly been in-fact  former Sovereign 140 was the last B10BLE to enter service in July 2000, the last B10BLE to enter the fleet would be in July 2005 with the purchase of Blue Bus of Bolton

Most of the B10BLE in the fleet were to be fitted with Weight  Renown bodies but for 12 with Fox County  and 8 in the Northumbria fleet these were to be fitted with Alexander ALX300 bodies 

total ALLOCATION 111

The Shires & Essex total 30

Luton (TSLD) 8  Stevenage (TSSV) 22

Midlands & Fox total 12

Coalvill (MDCV) 4  Derby (MDDY) 2  Hinckley (MDHK) 6

North West & Wales total 32

Bolton (NWBN) 2 St Helens (NWSH) 17 Southport (NWSO) 7 Speke (NWSP) 5

Yorkshire total 7

Selby (YKSB)  7

North East & Northumbria total 30

Ashington (NWAS) 2  Hexham (NEHX) 7 Newcastle (NEJS) 21


Volvo B7L

The B7L was to replace the B10BTL first introduced in 2000 with only 5 in the fleet it was not to take of in the ARRIVA fleet only 2 were to enter the fleet the first been May 2001 with Kent Thameside this was later to move to the North West fleet were it was allocated to St Helens depot this having a Wright Eclipse body

The second one was to enter the fleet in March 2002 this been know at the ARRIVA bus of the future again the was to be fitted with the smart Wright Eclipse body  been fitted with carpets and 2 - 1 seating it was to belong to Volvo when new visit a number of companies before entering the Midlands North fleet after a spell in this fleet it to transfer to Southern Counties Guilford depot were it works on the Park & Ride services

The next 3 were not to enter the fleet until September 2006 these been basted at Southgate depot of Fox County 2nbeen new to Whitlows of Stonehouse while 1 was again a former Volvo demonstrator this 1 been fitted with a Hispano body these all can be fond operating on the Airport Link service


Southern Counties total 1

Guildford (SCGF) 1

Midlands total 3

Southgate (MDSS) 3

North West & Wales total 1

St Helens (NWSH) 1


Volvo B7RLE

The B7RLE was to enter production in April 2003 but it was not to enter the Arriva fleet until November 2004 again Volvo were to be unlucky with only 48 it the fleet most been with Southern Counties with the rest been with the Shires & Essex fleet also they are all fitted with the Wright Eclipse body

The first 5 to enter the fleet was with  Southern Counties all based at Guildford depot were they can be found on the  P+R services each was to have it's own livery for the route it operated on, they were soon to be followed by 5 more these going into the Shires & Essex fleet at Harlow again the November 7 with 7 more in March 2005 this time at High Wycombe,

It would not be until March 2006 before anymore went into service again in the Southern Counties fleet this time at Norfleet again these do not carry the Arriva livery all been in the Blue & Gray Fast Track livery there was to be 14 in total these were to be joined by 12 more in April 2007 again in Fast Track livery May was to see 5 more with The Shires & Essex at Stevenage to-date these been the last to enter the fleet


Southern Counties  total 31

Guildford (SCGF) 5  Norfleet (SCNF) 29

The Shires & Essex total 17

Harlow (TSHA) 5  High Wycombe (TSWB) 12



DAF-VDL SB120 SB220 SB200


The SB120 was to be the main competitor against the low-floor Dennis Dart in the the fleet, the first SB120 was to enter service in the fleet in August 2000 this was in the London North fleet at the same time the first large order for the SD120 was to enter service in the Teeside fleet at Stockton totaling 22 more were to follow between November and January 2001 with 30 been allocated to Speke and Birkenhead Depots,

Midlands North were to receive there first in April and May were they were all to be allocated to Telford Depot, It would not be until the August before anymore were to enter the London South fleet 22 in total these would take until the November, The Shires & Essex was to see it first ones in January 2002 at Grays all been in Transport for London Red livery, this depot was to later come under the control of Southern Counties along with Southend,

The Southern Counties fleet were also to see there first SB120 in February 2002 most at Guildford depot, April was to see London North to at last get it's first ones these entering service at Enfield by now the SB120 could be found in all of the fleet but for the Yorkshire fleet which until this day does not have a single one in it's fleet, Also the Scotland West fleet have only had 4 from new plus 3 been transferred from Teeside in April & October 2005,

Over the years several have also come by the purchase of smaller companies 3 were to enter the Merseyside fleet from Selwyns of Runcorn these been used on the 500 Airport service into the City Centre these were fitted with luggage racks 2 were to transfer to the Midlands Fleet at Swadlicote were they work to East Midlands Airport, July 2005 Arriva North West was to purchase Blue Bus Bolton with 4 more entered the fleet, MK Metro was also purchases in June 2006 this was to bring 3 more

All were to be fitted with Wright Cadet bodies until September 2006 when the first 12 Plaxton Centros were to enter the North West fleet at Winsford depot, to date only 4 more Centro' have broken the Wright grip these been 2 with Northumbria and 2 with Scotland West

To date there are over 800 SB120 in the fleet, 4 in the London  been converted to driving test buses, The larges allocation been with North West & Wales  with over 100 the larges single allocation  been at Runcorn were 39 were to enter service in January 2006

total allocation 388


Southern Counties  total 56

Cranleigh (SCCL) 4 Darford (SCDT) 14  Guilford (SCGF) 18  Grays (SCGY) 18  Maidstone (SCMD) 2

London  total 85

Brixton (LTBN) 3 Crordon (LTCN) 33 Edmonton (LTEC) 5  Enfield (LTEF) 9  South Croydon (LTTC) 9  Wood Green (LTWN) 25

The Shires & Essex total 53

Harlow (TSHA) 2  Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 2  High Wycombe  (TSWB) 3  Stevenage 6  Ware (TSWE) 3  Watford (TSGN) 27  Wolverton (TSMK) 10

Midlands & Fox total 39

Oswestry (MDOS) 4  Shrewsbury (MDSH) 7  Swadlincote (MDSW) 3  Telford (MDTL) 25

North West & Wales total 127

Bangor (NWBG) 6  Birkenhead (NWBH) 19  Bolton (NWBN) 4  Bootle (NWBT) 4 Chester (NWCH)㺏 Runcorn (NWCH) 39  St Helens (NWSH) 8  Speke (NWSP) 12  Winsford (NWWD) 19

North East & Northumbria total 23

Ashington (NEAS) 2  Peterlee (NEPE) 5  Stockton (NESN)

Scotland West total 7

Inchinnan (SWIH)


SB220 Low - Floor

The low floor version of the SB220 was to enter the fleet in October 1997 with Northumbria, December 1997 County Bus was to receivež at Ware Depot, These were to be followed in January 1998 with 3 for Leaside Travel these were to be the only low floor SB220 to enter the London fleet these were soon to move to the  North West fleet in 1999 after conversion to single door they were to be allocated to Manchester depot of interest these 3 were to have the side frames made at Northern Counties  but were to be finished at Plaxton

1998 was to see the SB220 enter the fleet in large numbers with 103 delivered Yorkshire was to receive a large batch in the June & July these having Alexander ALX300 bodies, The larges intake would be the North East fleet with 34 entering the fleet between June & August these having Plaxton Prestige bodies, Northumbria was to get 14 all been allocated to Jesmond Newcastle these were to stay just a year before moving to the North East fleet, Yorkshire was to also receive 2 more batches between August and October,

Early 1999 was to see the first LPG SB220's enter the fleet 6 with Scotland West and 4 in the Cymru fleet based at Chester for thr Chester P+R, The 6 with Scotland West were to move the the Shires in 2000 were they joined there own at Watford these were to be join with the 4 from the Cymru fleet with the loss of the P+R contract in 2004 all were later to be converted to diesel, these were to join the Shires allocation ,March was to see 12 enter the Kent & Sussex fleet at Tunbridge mostly for Green Line routes,

Over the next 2 years more were to enter the North East fleet and the first for the North West fleet at Manchester later moving to Birkenhead and Speke, early 2001 was to see that last batch of 23 enter the Merseyside fleet until 2002 when 2 came from Arriva Bus & Coach for uses with the Yorkshire fleet the last to enter the fleet would be  12 in July 2005 with the purchase of Blue Bus of Bolton,

By far the most popular body for the SB220 as been the Plaxton Prestige as-well as the Alexander ALX300 found only in the Yorkshire fleet, while the East Lancs Myllennium was to see favor with the Merseyside fleet, several Ikarus Citibus were to enter the North East fleet also from Ikarus cameŠPolaris 2 with Yorkshire and 7 with the North West,

Production of the SB220 was to end in July 2004.

total allocatoin 200

Southern Counties total 9

Northfleet (SCNF) 2  Tunbridge (SCTW) 7

The Shires & Essex total 26

Aylesbury (TSAY) 2 Harlow (TSHA) 2 Watford (TSGR) 17  Ware (TSWE) 5

North West & Wales total 54

Birkenhead (NWBH) 25 Bolton (NWBN) 8 Manchester (NWMA) 7 Speke (NWSP) 22

Yorkshire total 53

Castleford (YKCF) 11 Dewsbury (YKDW) 2 Heckmondwike (YKHW) 3  Selby (YKSB) 1 Wakefield (YKBI) 38

North East & Northumbria total 58

Bishop Auckland (NEBA) 6  Durham (NEDM) 16  Darlington (NEDN) 5  Loftus (NELS) 9  Redcar (NERR) 6  Stockton (NESN) 14


SB 200

The low-emisson SB200 was the replacement for the SB250 it was to be with Midlands North that it was to enter service in October 2002 with a batch of 13 all were to be allocated to Telford depot, these were to be followed in January 2003 when Fox County receive 4 at Thurmaston depot 3 were to be used on the QuickSilver P+R in Leicester and were painted silver,There would be a gap until November when the Northumbria fleet was to agian 3 all been based at Blyth depot,

April 2004 seen 5 enter the Yorkshire fleet at Walefield these were to be followed by 9 entering  the Kent & Sussex fleet in the June all based at Maidstone depot of these 4 were for the Maidstone P+R service and were painted yellow,

It was not until January 2005 that the next SB200 was to enter the fleet this time with North West & Wales these were to lookŖ of the longest routes with Arriva these been the X32 from Aberystwyth to Bangor plus the X40 Aberystwyth to Cardiff and the X94 Wrexham to Barmouth these been the only ones in 2005, It would be March 2006 that the larges intake of 34 again for the North West & Wales fleet this time these were all to enter service in Liverpool been allocated to Green Lane and Speke depot, there was to be 2 lots of 8 in the September enter the fleet the been with Fox County at Southgate and Yorkshire at Wakefield depot,

Most of the fleet have been fitted with Wrightbus Commander bodies until been replaced by the Wrighbus Pulsar the first been  in the Wales fleet this one also carreirs a non standard livery the same as the Bus of the future the sevral Commanders were to enter the fleet after this in the Yorkshire and Fox fleets which looks as if they are dealer stock in September  2007 also at the same time several Plaxto Centro's were to enter the Fox fleet

total allocation 155

Southern Counties total 9

Maidstone (SCMD) 9

The Shires & Essex total 6

Watford (TSGN) 6

Midlands & Fox total 19

Cannock (MDCK) 5 Southgate (MDSS) 8 Thurmaston (MDTH) 6 Telford (MDTL) 14 Wigton (MDWS) 8

North West & Wales total 74

Aberystwyth (NWAY) 8 Bangor 9NWBG) 3 Chester (NWCH)Ŗ Green Lane (NWGL) 5 Llandudno Jct (NWLJ) 12 Rhyl (NWRL) 11 Southport (NWSO) 3 Speke (NWSP) 29 Wrexham (NWWX) 1

Yorkshire total 21

Dewsbury (YKDW) 7 Wakefield (YKBI) 14

Northumbria total 3

Blyth (NEBY) 3




The SB220 was to first enter the fleet in February 1989 with Crosville Wales followed by Northumbria in the November there were to be several small batches taken into the fleet over the years but by far the larges could be found in the North East fleet all having the very modern looking Optare Delta body the other main body been the Ikarus CitBus with just a small number with Northern Counties Paladin bodies, several SB220's were also to enter the fleet over the years with the purchase of a number of smaller companies some been Wigan Bus & MTL North along with K Line Travel Leeds

The mid to late 1990's was to see most of the SB220's were to be concentrated in the Northumbria & the United fleets with the former Wigan Bus plus those from London  and Crosville Wales moving to Northumbria, 

With large numbers now been withdrawn the SB220 is now concentrated mostly with the North East fleet plus Yorkshire but inroads have been made into the Yorkshire fleet with several taken out of service there also been a small number it the North West fleet the last one to enter the fleet was in April 2006 with the purcase of Chase of Cannock now part of the Midlands fleet

Total Allocation 62

Midlands total1

Cannock (MDCK) 1

North West & Wales  total 9

Birkenhead (NWBH)) 4  Bolton (NWBN) 3  Speke (NWSP) 1  plus 1 withdrawn

Yorkshire total 28

Dewsbury (YKDW) 22 Wakefield (YKBI) 6

North East total 23

Bishops Auckland (NEBA) 4  Durham (NEDM)  Darlington (NEDN) 8  plus 2 unallocated and 8 wwithdrawn

DAF VDL Coaches



This section will deal with the DAF - VDL coaches in the fleet starting with the MB20LT615 up to the present SB4000 with a total of over 70 in the fleet the coach can only be found in 4 of fleets


With only 2 left now in the the MB230 was to first enter the fleet with London Bus in May 1999 this still be in the fleet with New Enterprise


Southern Counties  total 2

Tobridge (SCNE) 2



With just å7left all were new to Gray Green and with Van Hool Alizee bodies they can now only be found with New Enterprise plus the Shires & Essex fleet these can still be found working on Green Line services


Southern Counties  total 3

Tonbridge (SCNE) 2

The Shires & Essex total 4

Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 2 Stevenage (TSSV) 2




The SB3000 as had mixed fortune within the group most are used on long stage carriage routes mostly Green Line with The Shires, the Shires also have a number it Easy Bus Orange livery plus the Northumbria fleet work the 685 Newcastle - Carlisle as well as routes to Alnwick  & on the A1 trunk routes, 4 remain in the Teesside fleet working around Teesside & North Yorkshire,Fox County just have 3 left 2 of these on National Express contracts plus 1 trainer by far the larges fleet can be found with the Shires with 20 in the fleet The Southern Counties fleet been in the New Enterprise fleet based at Tonbridge                                  

Southern Counties total  13

Tonbridge (SCNE) 13

The Shires & Essex total 20

Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 7  Luton (TSLD) 11  Stevenage (TSSV) 2

Midlands & Fox  total 4

Southgate (MDSS) 3 2 National Express & 1 trainer

North East & Northunbria  total 14

Alnwick (NEAK) 3  Ashington (NEAS) 2  Hexham (NEHX) 6  Loftus (NELS) 3  Redcar (NERR) 1


The SB4000 is the replacement for the SB3000 first entering July 2003 with only 12 in the fleet they can only be found in the Midlands and The Shires fleets those with the Midlands all working on National Express contracts, with those with The Shires all working Green Line routes based at Luton,

All are fitted with   Van Hool Alizee bodies while the Midlands allocation are fitted with toilets with those with the Shires are wheelchair access    

Total Allocation 12

The Shires & Essex 5

Luton (TSLD) 5

Midlands total 7

Derby (MDDY) 1  Southgte (MDSS) 6


K113CRB coach

The Scania K111CRB coach chassie wa to first enter it fleet in July 1997 with Yorkshire Woollen  were they were used on National Express contracts in the Yokshire area there been 6 in total today 4 of them are still active in the fleet they are now to be found in the Southern Counties coach unit New Enterprise 2 the remaining 2 been in the Shires fleet  were one is now a driver trainer all were fitted with Van Hool Alizee bodies

total allocation 4

Southern Counties total 2 

Tonbridge (SCNE) 2

The Shires total 2

 Watford (TSGN) 2


The Scania K92CRB was not to make it big time in the Arriva fleet the only place it could be found was with the then Derby City Transport who was to take just 6 the first been in June 1988 all were fitted with Alexander PS bodies there are now just 3 remaining in the fleet all been driver trainers 2 still at Derby and 1 with Fox

total allocation 3

Midlands & Fox 3

Derby (MDDY) 2 Wigton (MDWS) 1


Based on the double deck chassis the N113CRL was to see just 4 enter the fleet new these been in the Midlands North in APRIL 1995 based at Shrewsbury were they operate on P+R services these were just 2 more were to enter the fleet these both with the then Clydeside2000 having come from Scania were they were demonstrators these been new in 1993 & 1994, there was also 30 been new to the then London Buses as these were low floor detail will be found in the low floor section,

Total allocation 6

Midlands & Fox total 4

Shrewsbury (MDSH) 6

North West & Wales total 1

St Helens (NWSH) 1

Scotland West  total 1

Inchinnan (SWIH) 1


The L113CRL was the to prove a very popular single deck and can still be found on front line routes in the group first entering service with Clydeside 2000 in January 2000 these having Northern Counties Paladin bodies these were soon followed in the April this time with East Lancs European Body which was to be the most popular body for the L113CRL,

Northumbria was next to see the L113CRL enter it's fleet with 10 in September 1995 soon followd by Luton & District who were to recive 24 between October & December 1995 January 1996 was to see 5 arrive in the Derby City fleet followed by Midland Fox between March and May 2006, June was to see 3 more enter the Luton & Distric fleet.

August? was to see the last East Lancs European enter the fleet this time with Northumbria, It was to be replaced by the East Lancs Flyte, The Flyte was to see the first  L113CRL enter the North Western fleet in the October 5 in toal these were to be allocated to Skelmersdale depot as it was these were the only Flyte in the fleet, this was to be replaced with the Northern Counties Paladin

the first 21 been been split between North Western & Bee Line Manchester (part of North Western) these were to enter service between May & August 1997, More were soon to follow with Luton & District in September 14 intotal these been a mix of saloon and duel perpose seating between September ann November 1997 these were the the last ones for 1996 these were also the last Northern Counties Paladins into the fleet with production moving from Wigan to Plaxton at Scarbourgh were it was to be known as the Plaxton Paladin 2

Midland Red North was the first in the group  to recive the Plaxton ones 15 the first 4 going into the Stevenson fleet with the rest into the main Midland Red North fleet  mostly been allocated to Tamworth depot these some having duel-perpuse seats, these were also to be the last L113CRL entering the fleet been replaced by the low-floor L113CRL

Total allocation 120

The Shires total 41

Aylesbury (TSAY) 8 Hemel Hempstead (TSHH) 6 High Wycombe (TSWB) 9 Luton (TSLD) 10 Stevenage (TSSV) 6 Watford (TSNG) 1 plus 1 unallocated

Midlands & Fox County total 34

Burton (MDBN) 1 Coalville (MDCV) 8 Shrewsbury (MDSH) 6 Sothgate (MDSS) 7 Swadlincote (MDSW) 1 Tamworth (MDTA) 11

North West & Wales  total 27

Runcorn (NWRU) 7 St Helens (NWSH) 13 Winsford (NWWD) 7

North East & Nortumbria total 18

Ashington (NWAS) 4 Blyth (NEBY) 12 Newcastle (NEJS) 2

Scania low-floor

This section will deal with the low-floor Scania model in the fleet

from the N113CRL to the L94LUB 


The Low-floor N113CRL as with the standard N113CRL was to be based on the Doulble Deck London Transport were to revive 30 for evaluations  this entering service between June & October 1994, The first 14 were to become part of the Cowie Leaside all  based at Wood Green depot with the arrival of the low-floor Dennis Dart all were to transfare to the North West based at  Manchester & Runcorn depot all are still in service now based at St Helens and Runcorn depots the 7 allocated to Runcorn having all been refurbished in 2006 and converted to single door and fitted with Hanover destination boxes

total allocation 14

North West & Wales total 14

Runcorn (NWRU) 7 St Helens (NWSH) 7


The Low-floor L113CRL was to first enter the fleet  December 1995 with 10 entering service Kenttish Bus all to be based at Norfleet were they are still based, January 1996 was to 5 enter the StarLine fleet of North Western totaling 5 these were to been soon followed by 28 more this time with Wigan Bus also part of the North Western fleet these were to be maintained by Scania all were to be based at a new depot at Haydock these were to be the only ones to enter the fleet until April 2000 with the purchase of MTL North become part of Arriva North West as Arriva Merseyside this was to bring 20 more to date 2 have been withdrawn with fire damage,

All L113CRL are also fitted with Wright Axcess-ultralow bodies

Total allocation 62

Southern Counties total 10

Norfleet (SCNF) 10

North West & Wales total 52

Green Lane (NWGL) 34 St Helens (NWSH) 18


The L94LUB was to first enter service in October 1998 but it would be 2005 before it was to be taken into the Arriva fleet , the first to enter the fleet was 17 in August 2005  these were for  service in the North East fleet at Durham but the first 3 were to be diverted to the Merseyside fleet been allocated to Speke depot to work the 500 service to the Airport these were to be fitted with luggage racks and were to carry a blue livery instead of aquamarine these also had Scania Omnicities bodies,

The Shies were the next to receive it when 19 been allocated to Luton depot these were to be fitted with Wrighbus Solar bodies, The Shires were to purchase M-K Metro in 2006  who  already had 3 in it fleet and 6 on order these were to enter the fleet in April 2006 the livery been Orange these were also fitted with Wrighbus Solar bodied, Of interest also in the the M-K fleet is on of the first L94LUB been new in October 1998,

Midlands North  were to be allocated 2 in May 2007 these been allocated to Tamworth depot these been owned by Warwick County Council  were they operate between Tamworth & Birmingham Airport, these like the Merseyside ones are also Omnicities's and fitted with luggage racks, 

The North East  fleet was to receive another 5 been allocated the the Teeside fleet  at Stockton to date these are the last to enter the fleet,

There is also a small fleet of 10 L94LUB in the fleet fitted with Caetano Levante coach bodies these been based  in the Fox & Derby fleet along with M-K  Metro for National Express contracts,

total allocation  62

The Shires & Essex total 32

Luton (TSLD) 19  Wolverton (TSMK) 13

Midlands & Fox total 8

Derby (MDDY) 3  Southgate (MDSS) 3  Tamworth (MDTA) 2

North West & Wales total 3

Speke (NWSP) 3

North East  total 19

Durham (NEDM) 5  Darlington (NEDN) 1  Redcar (NERR) 6  Stockton (NESN)5




First going into service in August 1993 with Stevensons, It would be April 1995 before any more came into the fleet with Tees & District who was the first 2 of an oder of 25 over the next year all been allocated to Redcar, the former Stevensons 1 was to tranfare to Tees & District in March 1999,

All but one were fitted Optare Prisma bodies this having Wright Cityranger, Redcar was to be the main depot until lately some now been allocated now to Durham & Loftus depots, there was also 1 allocated to the Scotland fleet this was also to be relocated to the Tees & District fleet but as now been withdrawn

total allocation 26

North East total 26

Durham (NEDM) 6  Loftus (NELS) 12 Redcar (NERR) 8

0530 Citaro

The 0530 Citaro is the Mercedes low floor model first entering service in April 2000 but again this was not the enter the fleet until the arrival of 3 in October 2005 with the North West & Wales fleet these been based at Manchester depot for working service 700 Manchester - Liverpool Airport they are fitted with luggage rack and carry a non standard dark blue livery,

The Shires & Essex were to seen 9 enter there fleet in August 2006 these been split between Harlow & Ware these also see work on Airport routes aswell this time between Harlow & Heathrow these been the the smart Green Line livery, Just 3 more entred the fleet in the September these been in the Southern Counties fleet basted at Guildford were they operate the Mercedes-Benz World contract,

total allocation 15

Southern Counties total 3

Guildford (SCGF) 3

The Shires & Essex  total 9

Harlow (TDHA) 3  Ware (TSWA) 6

North West & Wales total 3

Manchester (NWMA) 3


5030G  Citaro Arctic

The first production Citaro Arctic for the UK market was in May 2002 been built mostly for service in London were it's introduction had problems with a number going on fire,

Arriva was not to get any until April 2004, between then and August 76 were to enter service all allocated to a new depot Lea Vally these been the last until September 2005 with 42 arriving followed in November by the final 27  

total allocatiion

London total 157

Ash Grove (LTAE) 36 Edmonton (LTEC) 33  Lea Vally (LTLV) 76





MAN 11.190

The 11.190 been a medium length chassie from Germany this was one more to  try to go head to head with the Dennis Dart all were to be bodied by Optare the first entering service with Teeside Motors in December 1991 after been on show at the NEC just 3 more were to enter this fleet up to May there was to be just over 50 allocated to the Teesside Motors/Tees & District /United fleet the only other new ones to enter to fleet would be 4 with Crosville Wales in January 1995 these been allocated to Rhyl depot, just 3 more entered the fleet this time it would be with Midland Red North with the purchase of Stevensons of Uttoxeter just 1 been new to them,

Later these & the Crosville Wales allocation were to relocate to the North East, they seemed to be well suited to the job in the North East but were start to fall by the wayside with engine problems with many going into store some still in store still in there former liveries several have returned after having Cummings engines fitted,

total allocation 45

North East & Northumbria

Bishop Auckland (NEBA) 9 Loftus (NELS) 5 Redcar (NERR) 5  Stockton (NESN) 16 1 been on loan to Scotland West with 8 been in the reserve fleet and 1 withdrawn


MAN 18.220

The MAN 18.220 was a low floor model first been introduced in October 1998 none were to appear in the fleet until the purchase of Blue Bus of Bolton in July 2005 this was just be bring 1 this been a former demonstrator been fitted with a Alexander ALX300 body

total allocation 1

North West & Wales total 1

Bolton (NWBN) 1

MAN 14.220


The MAN 14.220 was to replace the MAN 18.220 been introduced September 2002 like the MAN 18.220 it was the enter the fleet with Blue Bus Bolton in fact Blue Bus were to recive the very first ones to enter service totaling jut 4 in the fleet all having East Lancs Myllenium bodies these like the the MAN11.190 seem to be having major problems as reguard there engines with only 2 in service

total allocation 4

North West & Wales 4

Bolton (NWBN) 4


Optare Excel L1150


With only 4 none were to come into the fleet new the first to been with Midland Red North in August 1998 these December 2006,

total allocation 4

The Shires & Essex total 2

Wolverton (TSMK) 2

Midlands & Fox County total 2

Derby (MDDY) 2




The Tempo was first introduced in 2005 as a replacement for the Excel with the first 6 September 2005 with North West & Wales all been allocated to Aberystwyth these are founded by the Welsh Assembly the first bacth been for routes in the South Cardingan area and Lamperter, thwe final 3 were to arriv in September 2006 these can be found mosly found the the X40 service to Cardiff




First into service in December 1993 these are the only ones in the UK been new to Merseyside Transport they became part of the fleet when MTL North was taken over in Feb 2000 when new they worked on the Mersey Travel SMART today htey can still be found operating from Green Lane depot

North West & Wales total 12

Green Lane (NWGL) 12


First into service April 1995 agian these been the only ones in the UK  they were new to Merseyrider part of Mersey Bus with the take over by Arriva they spent a long time in storage before been allocated to Bootle depot were they are now back in store they have also been sent to Chester and Rhyl for evaluation but have returned after been found unsuitable




Leyland Lynx & Leyland Tigar


Lynx mk 1 & 2

The Lynx was seen as the bus that came to late with only 36 of the 36 only 9 can now be found on service work with the rest now been used as driver trainers 22 are with North West & Wales one of these 8172 G269EOG is 1 of the rare interurban ones new to West Midlands,

Southern Counties 16 service 1 trainer Kent Thamside Norfleet (3) Kent & Sussex Hawhurst (1) Maidstone (1) Southend (1) t/a Tonbridge Wells (1)  with 5 on hire to Colchester and 5 unallocated

North West & Wales 8 service 23 trainer North West Crewe (6) Cymru Bangor (2) trainers are at Birkenhead (3) Bootle (3) Speke (3) Green Lane (2) Manchester (2) St Helens (2) Bangor (1) Chester (1) Huyton (1) Runcorn (1) Skelmersdale (1) Southport (1) Wythenshawe (1) Wrexham (1)

Yorkshire 11 service (3) trainer, Castleford (11) Wakefield Belle Isle (3) d/t

North East 10 service (9) trainer  Durhaam County Bishop Auckland (10) Teeside Stockton (5) d/t Northumbria, Ashington (4) d/t

Midland Northì Burton 0n Trent (6) Cannock (3)

The Shires  5 all trainers Hadfield (1) Luton (1) with 3 unallocated

Scotland West 1 this been a trainer from Durham County it is unallocated.




Total in fleet 31

Now coming to a close with in the fleet this one time  popular  Coach & Bus  can only be found in small areas there are only㺓 coaches and 12 buses left of the bus fleet only 7 are now service buses the rest been driver trainers,

The only places to fine the coach,s working services are with Northumbria  were they are due to be replaced, The Shires with the rest used on private hire work,

Midlandsì   Cannock (1) Burton (1) Shrewsbury (1) the remanding 5 been trainers with 1 unallocated all are buses

The Shires  8   which are all at Watford 1 been withdrawn all coaches

Northumbria 5 Alnwick (3) Hexham (1) and (1) withdrawn all been coaches

Northwest & Wales   3 all been at Aberystwyth were they work school contracts

London 4 all been at Leeside Travel were they work private & contract work

Southern Counties  2 New Enterprise (1) and (1) on loan to Network Colchester


National & Greenway

Total in fleet 5

This ones popular bus is no longer in passenger service within the group with just the 5 remaining all are now trainers and can be found  with

North West & Wales   (4)  Speke (3) Runcorn (1) this been a East Lancs Greenway

Midlands North         with just 1 this also been East Lancs Greenway 



Total in fleet 5

This Light Weight bus  again must be into it demise with only 3 service and 2 driver trainers they could only be found with Midlands North and the Shires a number from Midlands North did move to Southern Counties as trainers but these have now been replaced by Volvo B6,

Mildands North  3 all at Swadlincote

The Shires  2 Both been driver trainers








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