Arriva Serving UK Fleet-List 2014

a completa list of the Arriva UK Fleet profile

Golden Oldies

Leyland Olympian

Leyland Olympian

The Leyland Olympian was first introducts in June 1981 as the replacment for most of the Leyland Models including the Atlantean and Fleetline,

 This it's self is now in decline in the Arriva fleet with the larges operator been The Shires & Essex who still have 46 with 5156 EWW544Y been the oldes in the Arriva fleet first entering service with with West Riding in July 1983 as 544,


Southern Counties  total 46

Southend (SCSE) 23 Hawhurst (SCHK) 5 Shittingbourne (SCSN) 5 Tonbridge Wells (SCTW) 4 Tonbridge (New Enterprise) (SCNE) 3 Gillingham (SCGI) 1 Grays (SCGY) 1 Horham (SCHO) 2,

 Original London Sightseeing Tours total 23

Wandsworth (OSWD) 38 all been full or part opentop and from the Arriva London fleet

 The Shires & Essex  total 46

Aylesbury (TSAY) 17 Watford (TSGR) 3* Hemel Hemstead (TSHH) 1 High Wycombe (TSWB) 9 Luton (TSLD) 13 Milton Keynes (TSMK) 1

*5380 is used as a Staff rest area and 5121 been unallocated

 Mildlands total 5

Burton (MDBN) 1 Hinkley (MDHK) 2 Swadincote (MDSW) 1

North West & Wales = 21

Birkenhead (NWBH) 7 Bolton (NWBN) 1 Bootle (NWBT) 3* Rhyl (NWRL) 2@ St Helens (NWSH) 3 Skelmersdale (NWSK) 4 Southport (NWSO) 1


Selby (YKSB) 4 Castleford (YKCF) 1 this been a driver trainer

North East total 15

Ashington (NEAS) 2 Bishop Auckland (NEBA) 5 Durham (NEDM) 3 Darlington (NEDN) 1 Newcastle (NEJS) 4

with 3 withdrawn

Scotland West total 5

Inchinnan (SWIH) 2 Johnstone (SWJT) 3





The DAF DB250 can only be found with 6 companies in the group with all the former London ones no been based with North West & Wale, The former London & Country bach that were on hire to London United  were move to Southern Counties 4 of the bach were to head to the North West fleet to see service in Liverpool with 5 moving to Northumbria all been based at Ashington,

The oldes one now in the fleet is with M-K Metro  been new in September 1992, Most of the fleet carry the smart Northern Counties  Palatine body, with the rest having Optare Spectra bodies,

 Of interest is the former London DBS15 V715LWT now Merseyside 3615 this was to enter service in September 1999 but the chassie number seems to date it around 1994 ???

Southern Counties total 3

Tonbridge Wells (SCTW) 3

The Shires & Essex total 1

Milton Keynes (TSMK) 1

Midlands total 2

Southgate (MDSS) 2

North West & Wales total 17

Birkenhead  (NWBH) 4 Manchester  (NWMA) 9 Speke (NWSP) 4

Yorkshire total 18

Wakefield (YKBI) 18

North East total 6

Ashington (NEAS) 6



DAF - VDL DB250LF Low-Floor

DB250LF Low-Floor

This is were the DAF-VDL brand was to enter the Arriva fleet big time it is now by far the largest type of Double Decker to be found it the group the first to enter the fleet with London North in June 1998,

To date there are over 750 in service, 580 been in the London fleet with the most common bodies been the Alexander ALX400 to be found in both the London and the Shires and Southern Counties fleets along with  Wrightbus Polsar Gemina, With East Lancs Lowlander and Optara Spectra been used in the rest of the group,

The Orignal Sightseeing Tours have also got a small bacth of 14 Plaxton Presidnts converted to part open-top these been new to London North, Also a small bacth of 10 ALX400  have left the London fleet with 13 staying in the London Area with Kent Thamesside and 7 moving to Liverpool were they have been converted to single door,

Of note is 14 of the Yorkshire fleet carry names,

Southern Counties total 13

Dartford (SCDT) 13

London  total 580

Tottenham (LTAR)  28 Brixton (LTBN) 105 Clapton (LTCN)  39  Barkin (LTDX) 5  Edmonton (LTEC) 32 Enfield (LTEF) 90 Norwood (LTNW) 13 Stamford Hill (LTSF) 49  Thornton Heath (LTTC) 138 Wood Green (LTWN) 80

Orignal London Sightseeing Tour total 15

Wandsworth (OSWD) 15

The Shires & Essex total 39

Watford (TSGR) 39

Midlands total 77

Derby (MDDY) 9 Southgate (MDSS) 16 Wigston (MDWS) 52

North West & Wales total 7

Speke (NWSP) 7

Yorkshire  total 39

Wakefield (YKBI) 18 Dewsbury (YKDW) 14 Hecmondwike (YKHE)  6

North East  total 9

Blyth (NEBY) 7 Durham (NEDM) 2



There are few Dennis Double Deckers operating with in the Arriva fleet with just 34 Dennis Trident's 10 Dennis Arrow's and just 7 Dennis Dominators.



At one stage there was a number of Dominator in the group these coming from the days of British Bus and most been with London & Country and North Western and Midland Red North most of the London & Country and North Western ones moved to Southend now the only place to find any are at Southend & Guildford,

The solo remaining 1 with North West & Wales is now based at Bootle in the Rail Replacement pool of interest this 1 was in fact the last Dominator built

total allocation 7

Southern Counties total 6

Guildford (SCGF) 3 Southend (SCSE) 3

North West & Wales total 1

Bootle (NWBT) 1



The Arrow was the replacement for the Dominator but yet again was unable to make it in any large number's into the fleet in fact only 10 were to enter the fleet again these been with London & Country were they to stay for just 3 years before moving to Arriva Yorkshire in 1999 were they are still in service all having East Lancs Pyoneer bodies

Yorkshire total 10

Heckmondwike (YKHE) 10

total 10


Trident slf (low-floor)

The Dennis Trident  was to see Dennis enter the Low-Floor Double Deck market in the UK, But only 31 were to enter the fleet, Another 3 coming into the fleet when Blue Bus Bolton became part of the Group all fitted the Alexander ALX400 body with the 3 former Blue Bus ones Been East Lancs

Southern Counties total 7

Maidstone (SCMD) 7

The Shires & Essex total 18

Aylesbury (TSAY) 7  Ware (TSWE) 14

North West & Wales total 3

Speke (NWSP) 3

North East  total 5

Newcastle (NEJS) 5

MCW Metrobus


Ones to be seen in large numbers in London this again living on borrowed time with only a handful now left in service,

The only Companies still using them in every day uses been North East and Scotland West, North West and Wales having 4 part open top these only been used in the main summer months,

The largest number can still be found in London were they are used as driver trainers

London total  23

Enfield (LTEF) 23

The Shires & Essex

North West & Wales total 4

Rhyl (NWRY) 4 all in winter storage

North East total 4

Durham (NEDM) 4

Scotland West total 5

Johnstown (SWJS) 5

Total 28


Metrobus DR114 Tri-Axil

This model as been imported back into the UK from the Far East  have have been converted to open top  for the Orignal Sightseeing Tours  the total been 28

SCANIA  n113drb

Scania N113DRB

The Scania L113DRB unlike the single deck fleet did not prove to be popular it the group and can now only be found in the Midands and North East fleet, there are now only 50 in the active fleet plus 1 based at Llandudno Jct were it is only used in the summer on open top tours into Snowden,

 total allocation 51

Midlands  total 28

Cannock (MDCA) 5 Southgate (MDSS) 15 Tamworth (MDTA)  Thurmaston (MDTH) 3

North West & Wales total 1

Llandudno Jct (NWLJ) 1

North East total 22

Ashington (NEAS) 2 Blyth (NEBY) 14 Perterlee (NEPE) 5 also 1 been unallocated