Arriva Serving UK Fleet-List 2014

a completa list of the Arriva UK Fleet profile

Volvo B10M-60  - - B10M-61 - - B10M-62

I will start with the Volvo B10M first with this been the older chassis in to Volvo range

 The Volvo B10M range of Chassis was to be on of the best selling in the UK market first been built at Irvin Scotland and then later at the former Leyland plant at Workington before moving production to Sweden it was to be in production from 1980 and as only just been replaced,

 It was in decline in the Arriva fleet with just 4 left in the fleet of these just 3 remain in service with New Enterprise with the remaining others been used as a driver trainer with the Shires, With the impending takeover of the TGM group this will see over 50 in the fleet

Southern Counties  total 3  Tonbridge (SCNE) 3

The Shires & Essex total 1  Watford (TSGN) 1 driver Trainer

TGM Group

Burton Coaches total 7

Heverhill (TGHL) 7

Classic Coaches total 14

Stanley (TGSL) 14

Telling Golden Miller total 27

Heathrow (TGHR) 20

Portsmouth (TGPM) 7

OFJ Connection total 4

Heathrow (TGOF) 4

Volvo  B7RA - - B7R-63 - - B7R

The Volvo B7R chassis was a lightweight version of the B10M and was also a cheaper alternative to the B10M it was to enter service in May 1998  and was in production until January 2005, Also of interest the B7R was to only ever carry Plaxton Bodies  who would market it as the PRIMA to date there are justì in the fleet all been in the TGM Group,

TGM Group

Classic  total 3

Stanley (TGSL) 3

Linkline total 1

Heathrow (TGLL) 1

OFJ Connecttions  total 6

Heathrow (TGOF) 6

Telling Golden Miller total 2

Heathrow (TGHR) 2

Volvo B12B  - - B12M

The B12M is Volvo's mid engined coach chassis, And is the successor to what was one of the most successful chassis the B10M, first entering service in November 2000, to date there are less than 10 operating in the fleet,


Telling Group

Classic Coaches total 2

Stanley (TGSL) 2

Telling total 6

Heathrow (TGHR) 4

Portsmouth (TGOM) 2


DAF -  VDL MB230 - SB3000 - SB4000

This section will deal with DAF VDL Coaches in the fleet stating with the MB230 to the present SB40000 in total there are just over 80 DAF-VDL Coaches in the fleet


The MB230 was to enter service the UK in June 1983 but was slow to take off in fact it would be not until September 1985 until the next ones were to enter service been i production until April 1992,

There are just 2 MB230's left in the the fleet the was new to London Buses in 1989, this model can now only be found in the New Enterprise fleet

Southern Counties total 2

Tonbridge (SCNE) 2



The SB3000 was to replace the MB230 and was to become the main coach chassis within the group with just over 60 in service most are used on the longer stage carriage routes been operated The Shires on there Green Line routes along with the North East/Northumbria were they can be found operating on long distances routes out of Newcastle and Middlesbrough,

They can also operating in with Fox County out of Leicester on National Express contacts, There are also a number of them in the Southern Counties fleet on private hire work these been in the New Enterprise fleet at Tonbridge, also several of the Shires

With the take over of the TGM Group 4 more join the fleet these been with Classic Coaches Stanley County Durham of interest 3 of these were part of the Northumbria Fleet based at Newcastle for National Express work this unit been sold to TGM IN December 2006 these are now based at Washington the other on been part of there Private Hire Fleet,

Southern Counties total 15

Tonbridge (SCNE) 15

The Shires & Essex total 25

Hemel Hemstead (TSHH) 9 Luton (TSLD) 11 Stevenage (Norton Green) (TSNG) 2 Stevenage Babbage Rd (TSSV) 3

Midlands - Fox County total 2

Leicester (MDSS)  2

North East - Northumbria total 14

Alnwick (NEAK) 3 Ashington (NEAS)  Hexham (NEHX) 6 Loftus (NELS) 4

Telling Golden Mill


Stanley (TGSL) Washington (TGWH) 3


The SB4000 is the replacement for the SB3000 first entering service in July 2003 to date there are  just 17 in the fleet mostly working on National Express Contracts with 5 in the The Shires fleet at Luton were they are used on Green Line services, 4 were new to Northumbria been based at Jesmond but these along with the routes were sold to TGM in December 2006 and were to move to Classic Coaches at there Washington Depot but just over 1 year later they are to return to the Arriva fleet with the takeover of TGM in early 2008,

The Shires & Essex total 5

Luton (TSLD) 5

Midlands total 7

Derby (MDDY) 1 Leicester (MDSS) 6

TGM Group total 4

Classic Coaches

Washington (TGWH) 4


Todate there are just 2 MAN Coaches in the fleet these been Double Deck MAN25.35 these been new to Oxford Tube Line both are now based in the Wiltax Bus fleet


The K113CRB was to enter service in 1988 and was in production for 10 years there are now only 2 in the Arriva Fleet these been in the New Enterprise flee,

Southern Counties total 2

Tonbridge (SCNE) 2


This popular coach chassie as been in production sinces 2002  With there been several type's of the K114 I have listed them just as K114 there been just over 40 in the fleet the larges consentration been in the the North East with Classic Coaches who have over 20 these been mostly used on private hire these can be seen all over the UK and Mainland Europe with school parties to the likes of Austria & Swiziland, there are also a number in the fleet both with Fox County and Telling Goulden Miller  used on National Express contracts along with MK Metro & Derby City

TGM Group


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